qingdao ruida machinery co.,ltd
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        Qingdao Rui Da Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic coastal historical and cultural city - Jimo, Jimo beautiful natural environment, convenient transportation, West Rinzai Green, Green silver high-speed, east of Road 308, according to South Liuting International Airport, It has a very broad prospects for development. Rui Rui mechanical predecessor is Jimo Special Machinery Plant was built in the 1990s, 20 years of production
        Taobao Mall
        TEL: 0532-87566950
        PHONE: 138-5329-3156
        ADD: Qingdao Jimo Central show Industrial Park
        Compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight
        High efficiency and low energy consumption
        For medicine, chemicals, pesticides, food
        Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, defense research
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