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        qingdao ruida machinery co.,ltd

          FFC series mill
        ·FFC series mill
        ·FFC-C series automatic suction pulverizer
          Stainless steel mill
        ·Stainless steel mill
        ·9FQ series stainless steel hammer mill
          9FQ series hammer mill
        ·9FQ series hammer mill
        ·Zhacao Crusher Series
          Chaff cutter series
        ·Chaff cutter series
          Liquid nitrogen cryogenic grinder
        ·Liquid nitrogen cryogenic grinder
          Plastic Crusher
        ·Plastic Crusher
          Powerful Crusher
        ·Powerful Crusher
          FFL winnowing ultrafine centrifugal mill
        ·FFL winnowing ultrafine centrifugal mill
          Corn thresher series
        ·YB series corn thresher
        ·RDT series corn thresher


        Qingdao Rui Da Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic coastal historical and cultural city - Jimo, Jimo beautiful natural environment, convenient transportation, West Rinzai Green, Green silver high-speed, east of Road 308, according to South Liuting International Airport, It has a very broad prospects for development.

        Qingdao Rui Machinery Co., Ltd. was formerly Jimo Rui special Machinery Plant was built in the 1990s, 20 years of production and sales history, product sold to many parts of the country, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu. And exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries and regions, by domestic and foreign customers. The company mainly produces jaw crusher, hammer mill, industrial materials mill, ultrafine mill, chaff cutter, etc., while the company also undertake stainless steel, forged steel and other special materials grinder manufacturing. Welcome to the new and old customers inquiries.

        Qingdao Rui Machinery Co., Ltd. strict modern management, professional and technical R & D personnel, advanced technology equipment, strong technical force, with perfect quality assurance system and service system. With a high starting point, high quality requirements, improve the detection equipment and sincere cooperation reputation, the company won the majority of the praise and trust.

        Zhu Gang, general manager and the staff sincerely welcome customers to our business negotiations, we will be happy to provide you with quality products and better services.


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