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          FFC series mill
        ·FFC series mill
        ·FFC-C series automatic suction pulverizer
          Stainless steel mill
        ·Stainless steel mill
        ·9FQ series stainless steel hammer mill
          9FQ series hammer mill
        ·9FQ series hammer mill
        ·Zhacao Crusher Series
          Chaff cutter series
        ·Chaff cutter series
          Liquid nitrogen cryogenic grinder
        ·Liquid nitrogen cryogenic grinder
          Plastic Crusher
        ·Plastic Crusher
          Powerful Crusher
        ·Powerful Crusher
          FFL winnowing ultrafine centrifugal mill
        ·FFL winnowing ultrafine centrifugal mill
          Corn thresher series
        ·YB series corn thresher
        ·RDT series corn thresher

        FFC-C series automatic suction pressure ﹑ combination mill discharge

        FFC-C series combination mill is the company many years of production FFC series mill, based on independent research and integrated mill. It features automatic absorbing material to be processed, sent automatically processing finished material so that the production process greatly reducing the labor intensity, improve production efficiency. original FFC-60 ﹑ FFC-50 ﹑ FFC-45 ﹑ FFC-37 ﹑ FFC-23 ﹑ FFC-20 ﹑ FFC-19 ﹑ FFC-18 ﹑ FFC-16 ﹑ FFC-15 dozens of models, such as user needs, the company can be changed on the basis of FFC-C series FFC series on.

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